Prohibited Items

What to do with Electronics (and other non-disposable stuff):

Disposal locations for electronic items ( mainly televisions ), and other materials are becoming limited  since the State decides what should and shouldn’t go to a landfill and recycling centers decide what they can and cannot recycle.  Please be aware that regulatory requirements prohibit us from taking the following items.


We recommend calling your local municipality or transfer station to see what policies are in place concerning items such as these.  If they don’t have an answer, then we suggest calling the county, and then the state, respectively.

Recycling rules change from time to time. If you call to ask what to do with your questionable item, such as your TV, computer, computer screen, laptop, or other electronic devices, you may not get the answer you are looking for. Big box stores such as Best Buy and Staples may have electronics recycling programs so you may want to check with them. 

Staples only takes specific brands of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, however they will pay you or give you store credit for some items. Click
"here" for more information on the Staples recycling program.

Best Buy takes a larger variety of items including appliances, TV and video items, computers and tablets, cell phones, ink and toner, batteries, and a whole plethora of other items. Some items can be traded in for a payout of some type. However, even if your items don’t have trade-in value Best Buy may still recycle it. To learn more about Best Buy’s recycling program, click

Other non-disposable stuff .......


Talk to your local mechanic, or service garage. They may take them. Some may take them outright, others may require a new purchase first and then recycle your old tires.  Some may or may not charge a recycling fee.
Talk to your municipality or county, or other local waste transfer station or recycling center.

Larger "car-type" batteries:

Talk to your local mechanic they may be able to trade them in.  Every time you get a new car battery, trade in the old one.

Appliances containing FREON or other REFRIGERANTS:

Basically refrigerators and freezers. These need to be evacuated of all FREON (refrigerant) by a certified professional, tagged with a sticker stating they have been evacuated, and then they can be disposed of.  Please call in advance if you have any such items for disposal to check for our current policies. Check with local appliance stores and mechanic shops, as they may be able to evacuate the refrigerant for you.  WE DO NOT DO THAT.  You could also get the refrigerant evacuated and scrap it yourself at your local scrap yard. 

Hazardous Materials:

Typically, the hazardous materials we deal with are wet oil, wet paint, and asbestos.

Wet Oil:  Dry the oil as best you can using oil dry or kitty litter and then we can usually take it.  It must be completely soaked up!

Wet Paint: The best way to get rid of wet paint is to make it dry paint. Take the lids off the cans for a few days and let them dry out. They must be rock solid. To speed up the process add some oil dry, kitty litter, or saw dust to soak some of it up. Once its dry we can usually take it.


IMPORTANT! - Never, EVER, (Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES) throw out ANY Asbestos Containing Material with your normal trash .... PERIOD!

Radioactive Material:

Let me be perfectly clear .... CALL SOMEONE ELSE!  

I realize that some of you may think your garbage is radioactive due to the way it looks and smells but I can assure you that it is probably is NOT.  

If it "glows in the dark", you may want to re-think that. ( CALL  9-1-1 )

For the most part, these are the big“no-nos” when it comes to waste disposal.

Please note: If we find electronics, tires, appliances containing FREON, large batteries, or hazardous material in your trash we will not take it. If it is in a roll-off container and it is found when we dump the container at the landfill, we will have to re-load it and return it to you along with a hefty "additional charge".  And you don't even want to "ask" what that charge would be.  You just don't want to know.

We hope this information is useful.  If you have ANY questions on what you can and cannot dispose of, please call in advance so we can advise you properly.

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