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Instructions for: Pay My Bill

Tom Danley Disposal, LLC

            and Danley's Disposal, LLC

Thank you for choosing to pay your bill online.  We have chosen to utilize Paypal Payment Services for our online bill pay.  However, you DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay online. You may also pay by major credit card.  Here are your online payment instructions:

1 - Enter your payment information in the boxes to the right. Enter CUSTOMER CODE, and the AMOUNT you are paying.  Then choose how you want to pay; PayPal, Credit Card, Venmo, etc. After choosing your payment method, the box will expand and you can enter your payment information. Be sure to check the box at the bottom marked "Ship to my billing address". 

Click "Pay Now".

2 - That's all there is to it!.  You have now successfully paid your bill online.  Thank you!